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Executive Committee

The Aphasia United Executive Committee is comprised of:


The idea for Aphasia United was conceived at the Clinical Aphasiology Conference in Fort Lauderdale, Florida in 2011. The need for an overarching aphasia organisation grew from the realisation that there was a lack of integrated international strategy for the advancement of aphasia science and services. Aphasia United was developed to drive change by uniting the global aphasia community through a strategic plan and shared vision.

What we do

Best Practice Recommendations

Aphasia United has developed Best Practice Recommendations for healthcare and community services involving people with aphasia. A project is underway to validate the Best Practice Recommendations for people with aphasia and their families around the world.

International Summits

Aphasia United Summits are held regularly. Previous summits have been held in Melbourne, Australia (2012); Rotterdam, The Netherlands (2014); London, UK (2016); and Aveiro, Portugal (2018). Information regarding future summits will be posted here.