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Global Stroke Bill of Rights

The Global Stroke Bill of Rights was recently launched at the 9th World Stroke Congress.  

The document identifies the aspects of care that are important for all stroke survivors and caregivers from across the world. 

The Global Stroke Bill of Rights is a key priority for the World Stroke Organization (WSO).   

The Bill of Rights is available in 12 languages. Download it from the WSO website.

Aphasia United Summit 2

 Aphasia Friendly Outcomes

An aphasia friendly version of the Summit 2 outcomes is now available!

Resources and Links

Supporting communication for access and participation

A video raising awareness of research into supported communication for stroke and aphasia, with input from researchers and stroke survivors with aphasia.

Aphasia United Presentations

Since the inaugural summit in 2012, Aphasia United has presented at several conferences. 

View the presentations here:

15th International Aphasia Rehabilitation Conference IARC, Melbourne Australia, 2012.

The Aphasia United Summit, Melbourne Australia, 2012.

Clinical Aphasiology Conference (CAC) 2013.


Individuals and organisations are invited to register as affiliates of Aphasia United! 

Becoming an affiliate of Aphasia United is a way to connect with the global aphasia community. There are no fees or obligations involved in becoming an affiliate. Where possible, affiliates are invited to invest their own knowledge and resources to carry out activities that will advance the goals of Aphasia United.

To become an individual affiliate simply register with Aphasia United by clicking the register button at the top right of this page.

To register your oganisation as an affiliate, complete the form below and e-mail it to contact@aphasiaunited.org

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