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Fundafasia (also know as "FAA Charlotte Schwartz") is an aphasia foundation in Argentina. 

Fundafasia was founded 25 years ago by Mr. Rudi Schwarz in gratitude for the therapy received by his wife Charlotte, which allowed her to enjoy her last years, despite her aphasia.

Fundafasia runs workshops which aim to stimulate the healthy right cerebral hemisphere, increase self-esteem and facilitate social inclusion.

The foundation also co-ordinates awareness campaigns (meetings, broadcasting in the mass media, videos) to increase knowledge and understanding about aphasia and to facilitate aphasia prevention, through understanding of risk factors.

After twelve years and thanks to the financial help granted by the Ministry of Development and Environment, Fundafasia purchased and refurbished a house to create the first Day Center for Aphasics in Buenos Aires.

The staff include neurologists, linguists, neurolinguists, neuropsychologists, speech therapists, neuropsychopedagogists, kinesiologists kinesitherapists, occupational therapists, psychologists, social workers, neuromusicologists, professionals of several disciplines and volunteers.

Learn more about fundafasia here

Aphasia Logo Competition!

The search for an iconic symbol for aphasia has begun!  

Aphasia United is launching an international competition to develop and adopt a symbol that can help raise awareness of aphasia, which international surveys have identified as an impediment to improving services.

The closing date for submissions is August 31st 2014.  

Submissions should be made directly to AphasiaUnitedLogo@gmail.com 

Aphasia United Presentations

Since the inaugural summit in 2012, Aphasia United has presented at several conferences. 

View the presentations here:

15th International Aphasia Rehabilitation Conference IARC, Melbourne Australia, 2012.

The Aphasia United Summit, Melbourne Australia, 2012.

Clinical Aphasiology Conference (CAC) 2013.

Resources and Links

Click on the icons below to link with some great resources for involving people with aphasia in research and consultation processes.

Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland  

Connect - The Communication Disability Network

Aphasia United Summit 2

Aphasia United Summit 2 - Outcomes.

Read the minutes and outcomes from the second Aphasia United Summit here! An aphasia friendly version of the outcomes will be available soon.

View the PowerPoint presentations from each Aphasia United Working Group:

Introduction to Aphasia United

Research Agenda

Advocacy and Awareness

Best Practices


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Becoming an affiliate of Aphasia United is a way to connect with the global aphasia community. There are no fees or obligations involved in becoming an affiliate. Where possible, affiliates are invited to invest their own knowledge and resources to carry out activities that will advance the goals of Aphasia United.

To become an individual affiliate simply register with Aphasia United by clicking the register button at the top right of this page.

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